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Sunday, July 18, 2010

My friday night

Under the stars, with fresh air, homemade popcorn, fresh squeezed lemonade, an air mattress, blankets, pillows, and a projected movie on a white sheet.....

so awesome.

That is how we spent our Friday night. We watched "Up" out under the stars in our backyard. It was like we were dating again. We snuggled under the blankets. I cried at alot of parts....what can I say, that cartoon movie really gets me to tears.

The wind kept blowing our movie screen (aka. bed sheet) off the brick wall. But we didn't mind. We were just happy to be outside, watching a movie and acting like kids.

It was pretty awesome!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Where you been???


I haven't posted in awhile. There has been a lot going on lately and I guess I just got forgetful about posting on here. I have meant to over and over, but alas, it has escaped my ever changing schedule.

Things are great though. I finished my tennis league up. I didn't do so hot, but then again, I was the biggest greeny out there. Everyone else had been playing at least 2 years and I was a whopping 4 monther. I think I did okay, for my skill level anyways. I mean, I pretty much didn't rock it, but whatever. It was fun!

I am working for the business again. Hard to find the time. I think I get most of what I need to get done finished and squared away while Dallin is napping. I find time throughout the day to work anything else that comes up. It feels good to help out, but it sure is tiring being a full time mom and trying to work for the business a few hours a day too. As long as I get my hour workout in each morning I feel like a steam engine going full steam throughout the day. Zumba just lights my fire, what can I say.

Dallin is getting so BIIIIGGG! He just loves to be independent. No more holding his hand, holding him in my lap, giving him hugs and kisses. He won't have any of it. He just wants to do his thing, but of course he wants me paying attention to him ALL. THE. TIME. I was researching it online, because well, I was a little concerned he had attachment issues. But I found out that his age is the time when they want you to pay attention to them, even when they don't want you touching them or holding them. Dallin is like this to a tee! He is always looking over at me while he is playing. If I am not looking right at him, Man alive, he gets so frustrated.

He is such a good boy though. Even though he doesn't like me to hug him and kiss him, he is sure willing to give them out himself. He loves to kiss and hug now. He will come up to me during the day and give me hug after hug. It just warms the cockles of my little heart it does. It is so great watching him grow and learn. He says quite a few things now, but of course, I am the only one, with expection of Joe every now and then, that truly understands what he is saying. He recently learned how to say, "where did it go?" It sounds more like, "where-it-ssooo", but I get the idea when he says it. He loves to just babble. I know he knows what he is saying, but it sounds mostly like jibberish. He is so funny when he looks at me, puts his hands out face up and to his sides and just starts into a monolouge of jibberish. He definitely thinks, I know what he is saying.

He loves the water and just about drowns himself every time we go to the water park. He has no fear and just loves it! He loves bubble bathes as the picture below shows.

Joe is doing great. Working as hard as ever on the biz. We just love him, Dallin and I. He is a great father and husband, and we just couldn't be luckier. I have the best two men in my life and I couldn't be happier. Joe is so smart and so innovative. He is always finding new ways to make money and make our business grow. I am so proud of him.

Okay, so that about sums it up. We have had a great summer so far, lots of playing and lots of loving. I promise I will post more often. In fact, I think I will try to do a post everyday for the two weeks. Hmmmm... let's see if I can do it. Starting today until the end of August. Wish me luck! ;)

And last but not least. Just a couple of pictures to keep you laughing throughout the day. I totally look like a conehead in the second one. Just love it eh? Joe and I are goofballs, or oddballs, whichever one fits better.