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Friday, February 26, 2010

oh money...where are you???

I hate money.

I hate that we have to have it to live. Life would be sooo much better if money wasn't an issue all the time. I mean, when you really think about it, it is fake. It is just a piece of paper and at times, just numbers in a computer. All my money in the bank is just electronic money. It is so funny when I really think about it. But, in our reality, it exists and it must be made and saved.

The business is going great, don't get me wrong, it is just that as it grows, we see less and less of it, so that the business has enough to grow.

So we are living on a very strict budget now, and I mean strict. I am actually learning the concept of saving up for something now. In that past, I just always had more money than I could spend as a single person and then when Joe and I were first married, we had more than enough. I always had two jobs to make enough to pay for school, books, car, car insurance, gas, rent, etc. but I always had enough to spare.

But now, we have a son. And although he is small, he can sure burn our money right up!!!

So I have been brainstorming ways to make a little extra cash. We first started selling stuff around the house that we just don't need anymore. That brings in a little bit extra each month, but I want something that is a little more stable. I was reading a blog and got the idea, that I should just put some of my talents to good use.

I have decided to start making all my graphic designs, sketchs and drawings into scrap book paper. Now I know, this business is super saturated. I can think of at least 4 huge companies that do this, and I don't even scrapbook! Well, I do with my friend Ashley sometimes, but have only done it a few times.

What I want to know is, do any of you think it is worth it? I have some pretty cute designs, and I could come up with so many more, that have a main print, and then coordinating prints of dots, stripes, geometrics, solids and some cute complimentary prints. I was thinking of bundling them in packages of maybe 50 sheets or so. What do you all think???

Here is a taste of one of my designs...I think it is cute...what do you all think???

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

11 months

I am so bad. Dallin turned 11 months almost 2 weeks go and I am just now getting around to updating about it....But....I do include some cute pics in this post, so I think that I can now be forgiven...

Dallin is growing super fast. In the last month he finally decided to crawl, pull up to furniture, walk holding onto the furniture, get into everything that is within an arms reach high while standing and last but not least not take two naps any more:( haha, well good for him, but not so good for me! I loved having two nap times to get things done, but now I cram it all into one 2.5 hour nap.

His personality is hilarious now. He loves to laugh, scrunch his face and make you laugh. Here is a pic of him demonstrating his mad skills.

(he will pretty much pose like this at will for any photo)

His little face is getting so mature now. I can't believe how much he looks like Joe on some days. I look at him and I am's Joe. But then some days, I think he looks like me. It differs from day to day. He is now saying mum for mom, and dada for dad, he kinda says puppy, because he has a stuffed puppy that he sleeps with, dreams with and plays with constantly. It is best friend for now, until a real puppy can be bought and handled by me....I just need to come to grips with getting a dog, it will come, but in time...

(doesn't he look like Joe?????)

Because Dallin is so mobile now, he has a harder time going to sleep. He can stand and jump now, so he loves to get up, and jump in his crib when he should be sleeping. I heard some thumps that other day while he was "taking his nap" and this picture below shows what I found as I entered his room.

(trying to look so innocent, but who's he kidding??? I caught him red handed)

The little rascal, loves to try to get out of his nap if he can. But no worries, I am stalwart and I don't give in. They need their sleep much more than we do, so I make it a personal goal to make sure he gets his nap. It is extremely hard to not just go and pick him up whenI see this little face staring right back at me.

Dallin is doing great at 11 months. He eats pretty much anything we give him, though...there isn't a lot you should be giving him yet, he isn't one yet, so of course, he doesn't really have a plethora of yummy food yet, but he is an excellent eater. He LOVES multi grain cheerios. He will just keep eating them if I let him.

He loves his baths. He will splash like crazy until I, the rug and the walls of the bathroom are soaked. I just love to see him go wild in there, he has so much fun.

He LOVES his daddy. Every day when Joe leaves for work, Dallin stands by the front window and waves goodbye. He loves to see his dad when he comes home from work. His eyes light up, he claps his hands, and shrieks for joy. He is definitely a momma's boy though. I mean, he can't really help it when he is around me 24/7. He is having a harder time than normal being away from me. Which is strange for it to start now, but oh well.

We love him so much and are so thankful to have him in our lives. You are my most favorite son Dallin ;).

Thursday, February 4, 2010

My Birthday was....AWESOME

My birthday was on Saturday and what a day. The night before my birthday, Joe made arrangements for an all night babysitter and took me to a bed and breakfast. It was so much fun to get away!!!!
Upon entering the room I found rose petals sprinkled all over the floor bed and bathroom. There was a vase of roses waiting for me and tons of my favorite candy bar (snickers) scattered throughout the room! What an amazing man Joe is!!! The room was beautiful, with a sky painted on the ceiling and light up with lights. I felt like I was under a summer sky, so peaceful. We had a jetted tub right in the room and so we watched movies, soaked, jumped on the bed, ate lots of snickers and talked.
It was a much needed get away and I loved every minute. Joe had purchased some tennis lessons for me for Christmas and my first lesson just happened to be on my birthday. So instead of sleeping in on my birthday, I got up at 7 am and headed to my tennis lesson. IT WAS A BLAST! I think I am really going to love learning tennis. I think it is definitely my sport. After that, Joe picked me up and we went back to the bed and breakfast for some well, breakfast:) I found some notes waiting for me in the room.

The first one read "Dear Love, follow these notes to find your birthday present!".

Yeah, I was so excited, a scavenger hunt!!!

The second note was on the side of the jetted tube and said, "On our first date, we went to a place like this, but this one is in Provo."

Joe had to give me a hint, but I got it fast! On our first date we went to an outdoor Jazz concert that was in an amphitheater. There is an amphitheater on the hill south of BYU campus by the duck pond. So we ate breakfast, got ready, hopped in the car and jetted over there. I quickly found my next note, taped under one of the seats. I opened the card and read, " On our second date we went to a park, broke a pinata, played draw and even played_________". It was tick tack toe. So off we went to Rock Canyon park where our second date was. We went straight to the tic tack toe game on the play ground and found my third note.

"On our third date, we went here and I put my arms around you for the first time."

It was the Y mount hike!

So off we went.

I was worried that Joe was going to make me hike all the way to the top, but he is a sweetie and knew that might not be fun in the cold and snow. So he told me to look for the note by the gate. Taped around one of the poles on the gate was my note. This note said, " this is the place where we first held hands."

Kiwanis Park!!! So off we went. Joe first held my hand while we walked on the sidewalk just west of the parks edge. I quickly walked down the path looking for the note. It was taped right on the the gate door that swung open into the walk. That is where he first held my hand:) This note read...

"This is where we first talked about marriage, (and you called your mom and found out she already made a temple reservation)" . I needed some help with this one. We talked about marriage so many times in so many different places, that I had no clue. Joe remembers things so much better than I. But in a few minutes I figured it out! It was the Olive Garden.

So off we went. We enjoyed a wonderful lunch and time chatting. My next note was there and it read....

"This is where we have had lots of firsts, especially with Dallin."

It was our house!!!!!

So off we went.

We got to the house and Joe had me shut my eyes. He guided me into the house and had me open my eyes. There in the living room was what I have wanted for a few years. A brand new beach cruiser bike! It was bright blue with a floral seat. A cute basket hung on the front and there was a little horn that hung on the other side. It is perfect.

We then loaded up our bikes, (Joe got one a couple years ago for his birthday) on our car and headed to my parents. We went on a little bike ride and picked up Dallin from my parents home.

It was awesome! I love my bike!

We then got to go to a movie (my sister babysat Dallin) and went out to eat.

We topped the night off with a little cake party at my parents house. German Chocolate cake...yummmmm ( I am salivating right now just thinking about it). It was great to end the night with my family around me.

I would say each year Joe makes my birthday even better than the year before. I love how special a day birthday's are in our little family. It makes you feel so special. Thank you for the wonderful birthday Joe! You are the best husband in the world!!!! I couldn't have asked for a more exciting, fun filled day!!!

I love you!!!