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Friday, August 6, 2010

Carnival- schmarnival

Yikes! So I totally didn't make my goal of posting everyday for two weeks. Who was I kidding anyway? I knew I couldn't do that...alas, I was very wrong. But....I am posting now, so all is forgiven right?
Well anyways, so that past few weeks we did some pretty fun things. I think the most fun we had was going to the carnival. I had a fun time going on rides myself, but even more fun going on some little kid rides with Dallin. He was so FUNNY! I was laughing so hard. Not because he was scared, not because he was excited and not because he was making funny faces....he did none of that. I was laughing so hard because he did AB. SO. LUTE. LY NOTHING. haha.... He sat on every ride, completely straight faced. No emotion whatsoever. He could have been sitting on the couch at home with how much excitement he showed. It was so funny to me, I don't know why...but it was.

Dallin on the carousel with you can see he isn't very excited. Not sad, either, just plain...bored maybe...????
This is us again, I was having fun, even if Dallin wasn't. His little face still makes me smile though.

Joe and I went on a ride that was super nauseating. I think Joe almost threw up...close, but not quite. This pic was taken just as it finished. I am all smiles, but Joe was not too thrilled that he went on that ride with me. He was a good sport though, I sure wanted him to go with me and he did:)

This picture of Dallin makes me just laugh so hard! It is so classic Dallin. I love how his eyes aren't even looking at me. He is so aloof! haha....

Family pics. I love the yellow hue of this one, gives it sort of a old feel...don't ya think? Once again, Dallin is so serious...

Our happy little family. Dallin was a good sport even though he didn't show much emotion, at least he didn't show anger, frustration or tears. I was sure thankful for that. It was fun going to the carnival with Joe and Dallin, they are pretty good company...not that I am biased or anything.

Joe went on a ride with my brother in law Kraig. It was so funny to watch two big strong men, get all nauseated and scared....okay, maybe not scared, but hey, I think I saw a little bit of fear in their eyes. Classic Joe shot though. He had a blast. This ride went all the way up and down, twirled and whirled and spun. I think I might have thrown up if I had gone on it. There were lovely little patches of acidic smelling goop all over the place beneath this ride. YUCK!!! I guess there were many carnival goers who were very nauseated riding this giant.
All in all it was a fun day.
We are headed to California for a much needed vacation tomorrow morning bright and early! I can hardly wait! I will take tons of pictures and promise to post about it when we get back....cross my heart.