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Friday, February 18, 2011


I just love this view.

I get to see this each and every night. Dallin LOVES to play and wrestle with his dad and lately he loves to do the above.
Joe is great with him and loves to give him play time and attention.
I am very grateful for this.
Sometimes I think we take for granted the pure delight our child can give us. Granted, Dallin doesn't always like to play with us, sometimes he wants to do his thing. In fact, I think some days he gets bored with me, but I love that he will play with me now. It is such a fun age, as well as a very trying age. He loves to say NO! I think it is his favorite word and he is pretty good at saying it. But, he also loves to say please and thank you. He can be polite and disobedient all in the same minute, but that is what makes a two year old a two year old.
They are learning, growing, testing out their world, their boundaries.
I just have to keep in mind that he needs us, needs a nuturing atmostphere, one that enables him to show love and be loved in return.
I just love this age right now, even with all the ups and downs.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Goo-goo eyes and Sci -Fi flings

My little boy lets me take funny pictures of him. Bahahhaha! I love it!
My goo-goo eyed boy.

I have had some fun days lately. The sun has been shining and I have been outside planning with my little man. I just love it. He is back to normal, my super fun, smiley and loving little boy. He was sick and then became a monster, not a literal monster mind you, but he was certainly not the little boy I have known the last 2 years. But, I am happy to report, he is my little boy again, giggles and all. I am so thankful for the power of medicine to help heal our little ones. But, most of all I am thankful for the power of priesthood blessings. They sure do work miracles.

We have had fun playing at the parks with friends and most of all eating sandwhiches in the blessed sun. Yesterday we went to a park in Spanish Fork with my sister Crystal and her sons Calvin and Camden. The wind got so bad it was taking the breath right out of my nose. I was really worried about Dallin, but he seemed to enjoy it thouroughly. Dallin loved it and I think he must have had the constant feeling that he might take flight at any moment. I think I would have loved that feeling too. Who wouldn't want to feel like they are about to fly:)

Also, has anyone watched this before???

Well, I am addicted. haha, I am such a Sci-fi nerd. I love these kind of shows. Joe and I are currently watching this series, "Farscape" that we got from Dad Hansen for Christmas. At first I was like, "what the heck is this?" I had never even heard of it before, but let me tell you. If you have an inner Sci-Fi nerd streak like I do, you will love it!

We watch a few episodes every night after Dallin goes to bed. It takes all my will power to not watch it while Joe is at work, since we are watching it together. Love it. I know I am a nerd, but I love that too.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day!!

To my boys: I love you both with all my heart! I am the luckiest woman alive!

My boys are the best:)

Friday, February 11, 2011

Random inspiration

(view from the hot air balloon Joe took me on for my birthday)

Do you ever have those days where you just feel so incredibly lucky? You realize that you have the best life in the entire world and you know, or you feel, like no one could quite possibly understand just how happy you feel?

It is kinda of like when I was little. I used to ponder for hours if I was truly the only person that was really experiencing this life. I know it was egocentric, but as a child your world revolves around yourself and what you do, so I pondered my life. I remember sitting in the field behind my house one summer afternoon. I think I was 7 or 8. The sun was shining down on my face, warming my closed eyelids as I laid face up in the field of two feet high grass. I remember thinking, " I am the only one in this world that truly knows what it feels like to sit in the sun and enjoy it's warmth." I truly believed it too. I loved those lazy summer days, and for some reason I truly believed that I was the only one truly experiencing all these emotions, feelings and joys. As I got older, I knew differently, but there are still some days that I sit, as an adult, fully aware of others feelings, lives and events and I still, every once in awhile get those....I feel so lucky moments, like, "could anyone else really understand how I feel?" moments.

There really is nothing spectacular that happens on these days when I get a glimpse into true and sure bliss. There is no dramatic event occurring either. No gift is given, no out of the ordinary service rendered toward myself and yet, they do happen. Out of the blue and suddenly they appear and I am grateful for them. It is in these moments that I can take a huge breath and see my life, maybe just maybe as my Father in Heaven sees me always. That this life if for us. It is for our purposes, to learn, to love. I feel the responsibility and the blessing all at once that this life is for me. I love to take a deeper look and ask myself, "what am I doing with this blessing, What am I doing with this gift of life that He has given me?" . I love to look at my life when these moments of happiness come, because although it seems contradictory, it is in these moments of unique clarity that I think I truly see my life as it really is. And I am so thankful for it. For all of it.