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Monday, March 28, 2011

Days go by....

I came across this picture today and was shocked. Dallin was so small, and yet, I remember this day perfectly and this photo being taken. I remember thinking "he is so heavy, my hip is going to be bruised from carrying around all this squishy goodness all day!". Crazy.

When I look at this picture today, now almost 1 1/2 years later I can not believe how small he looks. He was nearly 6 months old here and he used to nestle right into my shoulder easily and yet, his little feet still didn't reach my thigh. Today he is eye to eye with me when I hold him, and he is constantly kicking my thighs when I hold him. Time flies and they grow way too fast! I love this little boy so very much and I am so proud of the little boy he is becoming. I know one day he will be a boy and not a little boy, and then that boy will become a man and I will be a grandmother. It is so crazy to think, but like my mom said, it seems just like yesterday that she was holding me in her arms as an infant and now she is holding my own children in her arms. Days fly by and years keep on coming. I hope that I cherish these days and years I have with my Dallin boy and appreciate them for what they are. I can never go back and spend more time with him. I can never go back and play blocks with him more or cars or trains with him more. I hope I take each day for what it is. A gift. A wonderful gift with my family. I love you Dallin. And I love you Joe....don't forget it:)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

He turned 2!!!!


Dallin had his birthday on Saturday! He had fun opening presents over Skype with Grandma and Grandpa Hansen. We had a birthday party for him that night. I made a Lightning McQueen cake for him. We all wore birthday hats. I think we looked like a bunch of crayons...haha.

Dallin and his cake
Opening presents on Skype
Opening presents at party

My mom and sister in their hats
Everyone in their seriously...we look like crayons!
Dallin and my sister April
Crazy Party Animals
(look closely at my dad, he is so hilarious)
Celebrating his birthday while Grandma and Grandpa were here in February!!

Blowing out his candles
My boys
I think Dallin had fun on his birthday. I was somewhat stressed, but it all turned out well. Even after a burnt cake, a destroyed redo and a patched up third...(yes, I made it twice!) his cake turned out and I was able to deliver. He got so many wonderful presents, so many wonderful hugs and so many wonderful memories. Happy Birthday Dallin, WE love you bunches!!!

2 year stats:
Height: 38 inches, 99th percentile
(he will be tall)
Weight 28.5 lbs., 50th percentile.

Our boy is growing like a weed. I know someday he will outgrow me and probably even Joe. It just seems so far away, but I am sure that I will look back on this entry and think, way, it came too quick. He is learning and growing so fast and I am just so proud of him.

Dallin can say many words, but his favorite words to say are doggie, frogs, cars, zoom zoom, mommy, daddy, play, outside, more, milk, Juice, all done, please and thank you. I think Dallin says around 200 words now, give or take a few. He is one smart cookie that is for sure. He loves to run, play outside in the dirt and play cars.

Dallin just started to play pretend. He will take his cars and pretend that they talk. He will drive one up to me and say "Hello", and give me a car too. I will play cars with him, both of us talking to each other. I love his little imagination. He now can take any item and pretend it is something else. Love this about him.

Dallin loves to snuggle and give me kisses. He loves to tickle me and be tickled. He loves his Daddy and runs to the window when he comes home. He loves to play and wrestle with his Daddy and ride him like a horsey. We love our sweet boy and all he is learning and becoming.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Snow and a new bed

This week Dallin turns 2!!!! Can you believe it!? I can't. It seems like it was just yesterday I was holding my little 7 pounder baby and snuggling him close to my chest. I remember that new baby smell. Well, now he smells mostly like dirt and peanut butter. He loves to play in the dirt, mud, grime, rocks, wood chips...if it is outside and messy, he loves it.

He is getting so big. So for his birthday we decided to get him a cool car bed to move him over to and out of his crib. We went all out, we got him some "Cars" sheets and a new mattress. We set the bed up on Wednesday morning and let him get used to it all day. By nap time, he was super enthralled with his bed. He kept taking my hand and leading me to his bed. He would climb on up and grin ear to ear. He loved to repeat this throughout the day. I was really worried he would have a hard time going to sleep on in it (since he was playing and jumping on it for hours), but at naptime, it only took about 5 times of putting him back in his room and on his bed before he finally fell asleep. Today it only took once and he feel asleep in no time. Last night he didn't even get out of his bed and wake us up at 3 am, which I was scared he would do. He slept like a pro and I am so proud of him. I was worried about the transition, but so far so good.

I was concerned about him getting out at night, wondering around the house and getting hurt, but Joe, being the genius he is, figured out he could just switch the door handle and make the lock be on the outside. The handle is upside down now, because it is a lever handle, but you can't really tell, it looks pretty good actually. So now, I can lock him in at night and sleep soundly knowing he is safe and sound in his room.

Here are some pictures of him enjoying his new room, new bed and sheets. He loves to point to his blanket, his pillow, his sheets, his curtains and name all the different characters from "Cars", he loves that movie.

We were lucky enough to have Mom and Dad Hansen in town for Dad Hansen's brother's baptism. It was great seeing them and great being able to witness Uncle Steve's baptism. There was a great spirit there and it was amazing to be apart of. We had such a great time visiting with Mom and Dad. It was great seeing Dallin interact with them and play with them. We got to go to the arcade with them, go swimming at indoor waterpark and have a snowball fight. I think the snow ball fight was the highlight of their stay, well, at least for me. We woke up Friday morning to a land of snow. It had snowed 8 inches over night and was still snowing when we woke up. I shoveled the walks and thought, hey, we should have a snowball fight. So, I got Dallin all geared up and headed out in the snow. Soon, Mom and Dad joined us and we got some cool pictures. It was alot of fun.