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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

New York Part 3....the end.

Okay, last post about New York. After our conference was done on Thursday, we spent one extra day, Friday, to do some site-seeing and just relax. We went to Central park and walked around New York in upper Manhattan. It was a lot cleaner up there and the park was nice. Joe and I thought it so funny that there is such a rave about Central Park, because it is pretty, but still just a park. I guess when all you have is city, cement and metal buildings surrounding you all day, this park seems like quite the oasis.

Showing off my belly. It was just starting to show....
I was sorta trying to jump for joy, didn't really work though.

And of course we had to try some New York hot dogs. The were so tiny!

My all time favorite thing we did in New York was see the musical "Wicked". We hoped on the subway and headed to 52nd street to catch the show. In the 20 minutes we were underground traveling, a huge New York storm hit. As we got off the tram and headed for the stairs, we realized it was pouring rain!! Rain was pouring down the stairwell and something like 50 New Yorkers were all huddled at the bottom of the stairs, waiting for the rain to stop. Joe ran over to a newspaper stand that was in the subway and tried to buy the last umbrella, but a mean old new yorker man, said he got dibs on it, and the teller sold it to him. Joe was so mad! So instead of standing around like everyone else, we made a run for it! We got soaked just in the few seconds it took to run up the stairs and into a nearby store. Lucky for us, this store sold huge umbrellas for the same price as the little rinky-dinky umbrellas that the subway had. Luck was on our side, as we only had a few minutes to reach Wicked before it started. We braved the rain, Joe made sure to cover me and sacrificed his entire right side. It was soaked through and through. What a gentleman right? But we made it safe and sound into the Broadway Theatre. It was by far the best thing for me. I had very high expectations going into this show and I was blown out of the water. It was better than I expected and I enjoyed it oh so much! The banter was so witty, the acting superb, and the singing was well, just absolutely amazing. It was such a treat to go.

Me with the stage in the background, it was pretty cool, of course the picture doesn't do it justice at all.

I was so happy afterward as you can see in my picture with the poster. Best show EVER.

We ate at a really nice restaurant that night called Tripoli. It was amazing. They had the best stuffed meatballs I have ever had. We ended the night with a nice clean air (because it had just rained the city smelled so clean!!) walk to our hotel. It was an amazing night.

We caught a plane home the next day and got to see our little guy! New York was a blast, but nothing beats seeing the eyes of your little boy lighten up when he sees you after being gone for 8 days. It was a heart melting experience. It is so good to be home.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

17 weeks

17 weeks and feeling bigger. I have been feeling the babies move so much more. I felt them kick pretty hard last night, so hard that it startled me. I actually gasped and let out a loud yelp. Good thing I was home and not somewhere else, that would have been embarrassing:) I can only imagine how much stronger they will feel. I think I am in for a wild ride. I feel them so much more that when I don't feel them for for an extended period of time, I begin to worry. It is crazy how much earlier I have felt them move as compared to my pregnancy with Dallin. Maybe because there are two in there they are fighting for room and I am feeling them so much sooner.

Doing Zumba on Friday I started getting contractions and had to leave after only 30 minutes. My stomach turned rock hard and it didn't let up for about an hour. Needless to say, I was worried. No more high intensity workouts for me. I think the elliptical and I will be great friends in the coming months.

I feel great, besides the fact that I look and feel 6 months pregnant already. I am feeling the back aches already and the super tightness across my lower abdomen that prevents me from bending over too far. This pregnancy is getting harder a lot quicker than I anticipated, even with all that I was told by mothers of twins. I pray I will be able to stay active and do all the things I need to for Dallin in the coming months.

Monday, September 19, 2011


This morning we saw our sweet little babies and they are TWIN BOYS!!!!!!

I am so excited for Dallin to have some little buddies. They boys will be best friends, I just know it. I am severely out numbered now, but I wouldn't have it any other way. I love these little guys and I am so grateful to have them coming to us.

Our Boys!!

They were moving around a lot, but we finally got some good pictures of them. This one is of them together. Baby A is clearly right on top of Baby B. Let's hope they don't learn to fight too much before they even make it here:)


Another BOY!!!

Sweet Baby boy B

Sweet Baby boy A

We can not wait to meet these little guys, see what their little faces look like and get to know them. I am so excited to be their mama!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

16 weeks and still growing...

16 weeks pregnant and growing quickly. I think my belly grew overnight on Wednesday. I seriously woke up feeling so much more pregnant. I felt the babies move this week, which was very exciting for me. On Thursday I felt some little kicks and movement and I felt them again last night as I laid down to go to bed. The kicks are so faint that if I hadn't been pregnant before, I don't think I would have known that, that is what they were. I just love feeling them move. It isn't often yet, but it is a confirmation to me that they are still in there and alive.

I gained about another pound and a half this week. I don't know if I will keep within my doctor's goal of 30 pounds. I am already almost at a third of my weight gain and only about a third of the way done. We'll see how this continues.

I get to find out what we are having tomorrow. I am so excited and so anxious I am just counting down the hours and minutes. I hope they will cooperate so we can see them. I am just so excited to see them on ultrasound again and see that they are alright. I can hardly wait for tomorrow morning. I am out of my mind with anticipation!!!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

NEW YORK part 2

So back to New York...

After a few days of work and me trying to deal with utter exhaustion, Joe let me sleep in each morning until 10am and then meet him at the conference around noon. I would pick up lunch on the way and get a taxi to the Javits Center. The first time I took a cab by myself I was scared and shaky, but quickly realized, that nothing was going to happen to me in broad daylight and I needed to not stand out so Sleeping in made a huge difference to this pregnant lady. I felt like a new person each morning. The first day that I was able to sleep in I had enough energy that night to go out to eat at Grimaldi's and then go to the Empire State Building.

Grimaldi's was awesome, but not as great as I expected....could just be that everything wasn't that great when I would throw it up and feel nauseous while I am eating....sorry, maybe too much info. I'll move on.

We went to the Empire State Building next. We walked and took the subway to get there. It was a long wait, with lots of lines, lots more waiting, but we finally made it to the top and it was well worth the wait. The views were A.MAZ. ING. I loved it. The best part was I got to spend it with Joe and that made it so much better than I could have imagined.
Joe when we first got to the top... all smiles...isn't he handsome???

Kissy kiss

Some pictures of the skyline, so much better in person, but these picture will help me remember what the view was like....sorta.

My sweetie looking out over the city

Me at the front of the building, in the foyer

Joe in the foyer

It was so much fun to spend such a great evening and night with Joe. We had a blast and even had fun going back to our hotel. The weather this night was fantastic and we walked a lot of the way back. It was so nice to just be with my sweetheart and share such a great night with him.

Friday, September 9, 2011

15 weeks and feeling great!!

(15 weeks pregnant with the twins)

Okay, I am taking a break today from talking about our summer to post a picture of me pregnant as of! I have been getting a lot of requests about my size, and what I look like being pregnant with twins. Well, here you go. This lovely was taken of me this afternoon, I am 15 weeks pregnant and feeling so great now. The doctor says I am measuring 19 weeks people.... that's a month larger and he said the difference will only get, YIKES!!! That literally means I am the size of an almost 5 month pregnancy right now, not an almost 4 month, which is what I am, uterus and all. I don't just look bigger on the outside, but I am actually bigger inside too. Maybe it isn't that big of a deal to some, but it was to me, just knowing that helps me to realize, I am not just holding this pregnancy larger, but I will be larger, uterus and everything to compensate for two babies. I will probably post a picture every week during this pregnancy starting now, as I know this pregnancy will be quite different and quite entertaining to watch as my belly grows, and grows, and grows.....and so on.

If I look sleepy eyed in all my pictures, it's probably because I am. I am so tired, all. the. time.
But so far the nausea is letting up and I feel great. I am working out everyday, drinking lots of water and eating 5 small meals, instead of 3 very large and very fatty meals, which I used to do....shame on me. I am trying very hard to not gain 65+ pounds with this pregnancy, we'll see how it goes. So far I am sitting pretty at this point in the pregnancy at 5+ pounds which is way better than my 10+ with Dallin. I even have twice the baby in there, hooray for me! My doc said my goal should be no more than 30 pound weight gain, oh my goodness....I don't think that will happen, but I will definitely try!

Thursday, September 8, 2011


(us at Times Square)

So a lot happened this summer, a lot of which I have yet to write about...please forgive me. I have been sick (pregnant with TWINS!!! hooray) and so much has been going on. I plan to write all of it, so I can have it to remember. I will start from recent events and then go from there, working my way back to the beginning of the summer.... a little backward I know, but at least I am doing it:)


Just a couple weeks ago Joe and I got to go to New York. One of our businesses, "Flirty Aprons", had a gourmet housewares show that we needed to attend. And since our partners were having a baby at this time, Joe and I got to go. Needless to say I was pretty psyched and couldn't wait to go. I have always wanted to go to New York and was glad I would get my chance. Dallin stayed behind here in Utah with Grandma Hansen, who so kindly flew all the way from New Mexico to take care of him. We headed out to New York August 12th. A shuttle picked us up in the wee morning hours. I didn't get to say good morning and good bye to Dallin which was very difficult for me, but he seemed to be fine when we Skyped later that day. Our plan ride was long and super smelly (thank you pregnant nose), but we finally arrived in New York that evening. As there was a lot that happened in New York, I am going to write it in segments.


The first day we got there, it was pretty late, so we just went and ate at a pizzeria close to our hotel, the Hilton (fancy, I know). The pizzeria was called Bella Napoli and it was DIVINE. I think they have the best minestrone soup ever! We also ordered a small pizza and they accidentally made a large. It was huge!!! We didn't have room to eat it all, not even close, so we took the rest back to the hotel. We tried eating it the rest of the night, off and on, but to no avail. Most of that yummy pizza had a nice date with the trash can. I had a hard time letting it go, it was so goooood!

The next day, we set up our booth at the show and then headed to Times Square. To get there we took the subway. Wow and Hot! is all I got to say about that. Times Square was awesome. There are so many things to look at, stores to go to and people there, that I don't think you could get bored, but you can get overwhelmed:)

Joe bought a hat from a Yankee store, I bought candy from the Nestle store and of course we had to go to the M & M store, umm can you say YUMMMM!?


The M & M store was full of anything and everything M&M, and since I love this candy, you can imagine my pleasure. I got a bag full of pink, purple and blue peanut M&M's. You can make your own color combination, which I think would be fantastic for wedding favors. To bad there isn't one of these stores closer. It was fun and so tasty.
Joe with Lady Liberty...sorta

Forgive my crazy face, I was laughing pretty hard. I tried to hug him, but he wouldn't let me. He only would hold my hand....awkward for me...he.

We got a Jamba juice on our way back and it was so nice, and so is HOTT in New York. The Jamba Juice cooled me right down. We took the subway back and got to our hotel that night safe and sound. It was so great to just walk around and see the sights with my hubby.

More to come.....