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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Christmas 2012

I love Christmas time.  I love to think about our Savior and I love that it is the time of year that others do as well, even if they don't normally ponder and think about him.  I love that it is a time when others are more willing to serve, more willing to forgive and more willing to be patient.  I wish we could have the spirit of Christmas and the teachings of our Savior so apparent year round throughout the country.  This Christmas was especially wonderful.  I love that Christmas is a time to spend so much quality time together as a family, to teach our children of Christ and to realign our lives with what really matters.  This Christmas was the twins first one.  It was a delight to see their faces light up when they saw Christmas lights.  As a gift to Joe I had my friend take some photos of the boys.  I printed one off for him on a large 16"x 32" canvas and gave it to him for Christmas.  They all turned out wonderful, it was hard to choose just one to print.  I think I will have to print more in the near future.  Here are a few goodies.

Here is a couple of Dallin skiing at Thanskgiving.  I wanted to get these up before I forget.

The Saturday before Christmas we headed up as a family to Temple Square.  Joe's mom and Dad were in town for Christmas and it was so great to be able to have them there with us.  It was packed, it seemed the entire city decided to go that night as well, but it was so great nonetheless.  Dallin was in awe of the lights and the twins though fussy and tired, seemed to calm and just look around at the beauty around them.  You can feel the spirit of our Savior so close to his Holy Temple.  The beauty of the lights against the dark sky only emphasize the beauty of this amazing place.

 Me with my mama Hansen at Temple square.  Isn't the temple just beautiful?!

 Joe, Me and Dallin, you can't quite see the twins, but they are in a stroller right there next to me.

 Grandma and Grandpa Hansen with Dallin.  He just adores them.

 My handsome husband Joe and the statues of Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus floating in the pond before the temple.  It was so gorgeous and so wonderful to be there with family.

Me and my sweetie

Christmas is my favorite time of year and so much more meaningful when I get to see the faces of my children.  I can see the spirit of Christ and His light reflected in their innocent little eyes.  Children truly are gifts from heaven.  I just love them, I love my family.  I love my Savior.  I love His gospel and I love that families are forever because He gave so much.

I know my Redeemer lives.