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Friday, May 17, 2013

Dallin turns 4!!

February to May was pretty busy also.  I was able to plan the twins birthday party and then a few days later I had to start Dallin's birthday party.  It was a lot of fun planning his.  He wanted a robot party and was pretty stoked that I agreed.  I found some really cute decorations and party ideas on and they arrived pretty quickly.  Dallin had a blast putting them all together with me. 

The morning of his actual birthday I hung some decorations and he opened his presents from his Daddy and I.  He had a blast. 

 Seeing his presents
 Pretty excited, I just love his face.  So classic Dallin.  Just seeing these pictures makes me want to kiss his little cheeks.  I just love him.

He was so excited to open his presents.  He had waited "forever" in his words.  It was great.  Next he had to go to preschool on his birthday and his school has requested his parents come for a special treat.  We both took Dallin and got to see his class celebrate his birthday.  It was so sweet and I can tell Dallin felt so special.

 Dallin greeting his daddy when we walked in. SO sweet to see.  I love that he will hug us and proudly kiss us and tell all his friends that we are his mommy and daddy.  He is proud of us and that makes me feel sooo good.
 Getting his birthday crown.

 Daddy reading all the things we love about Dallin to his class.

 His little class mates sang a song and danced around him.  Then at the end Dallin blew them all over, or "out".  They were his birthday candles.  It was so cute.

  Late that night we had my parents over for dinner.  I made Dallin a robot birthday cake and he LOVED it.  It was almost life sized.  Grandma and Grandpa Johnson bought him some presents and he opened them.  He is still playing with the Dragon they got him even now.  We had dinner and cake together.  It was a nice evening.

 Playing with the dragon Grandpa and Grandma Johnson got him.
 Love his face, he was so excited to have his cake.

 Blowing out his candles.

I just had to post this photo of Blake.  This is how messy they get at pretty much every meal.  I do not like cleaning up after them, but it is pretty entertaining.

A few days later we had a party for Dallin with all his little friends he wanted to invite.  He had a blast and I think it turned out really great.  It was so good to see him giggling and laughing and just having fun with some friends.  That is what a birthday party is all about.

 The games at this party were really cool even I wanted to try.  We had a robot car racing game where you inflated balloons attached to the back of the car and when you let the air loose it shot the cars forward.  Dallin won all the rounds and got to choose a robot sticker decal for his room.  We also playing "pin the battery on the robot" and we colored on some 3D paper that when you wore 3D glasses your picture would pop off the page at you.  I think the party was a hit, especially since Dallin had so much fun.

 Opening presents from friends.  He was able to have Will, Tyson, Jocelyn, Brianna, Miles, Harrison, Ashlynn and Calvin there to celebrate with him.  He loved every minute I think.

We had spaceships and rocketship cupcakes and cookies for his party.  When we lit his candles to blow out, it lit on of the spacehip decorations on fire!  OOPS! Dallin blew out his candles, but Daddy had to quickly extinguish the other flame.  It was a close call, but it made it more exciting that's for sure.  He had a great birthday.

Things we love and know about Dallin at age 4!!!!

1. Dallin can read one vowel words.  As long as the word isn't too long, he can sound out just about anything :)
2. Dallin loves robots, dogs, cars, rocketships and ninja turtles.  He also loves pretty much any superhero.
3. Dallin is a sweetheart, he loves his bothers and parents and is constantly telling us, kissing us and showing us how much he loves us.
4.  Dallin is 43 1/2 inches tall.  If we went to Disneyland he could ride almost anything.
5.  Dallin wears a size 12 shoe now.  He is getting too big.  Please stop growing.
6.  Dallin can play soccer really well....I mean really well.  He can kick in stride and slide to a kick like no ones business.
7. Dallin still is a picky eater, only eats bread, peanut butter, milk, organe juice and crakers.  He will eat anything that is chocolate almost, but will not eat fruits, vegetables, meat, ice cream, cake with frosting or pretty much anything that is wet, gooey or too "weird" as he says.
8. Dallin can now get himself ready for bed, he bathes himself, dressed himself, and brushes his own teeth all on his own. 
9. Dallin is so curious. I get asked 20 questions a hundred times a day.  He is learning and absorbing everything we tell him like a sponge.  He often will recall things I tell him days later, as if he has always known it :)
10.  Dallin can count to 20 and most days much higher.
11. Dallin is a great helper. He helps me load and unload the dishwasher.  He cleans his own room and brings his laundry to the laundry room.  He helps me sweep and he loves to help me mop.  He always clears his own plates at dinner time.
12.  Dallin is polite and a gentleman.  He always asks to be excused from the table after eating wether at home, eating out or at someone's house. He insists on opening my doors and does so as often as possible.
13.  Dallin has a contagious smile.  His smile lights up the room and I just adore it.
14.  Dallin now lets me cut his hair without whining or crying.  He is so brave and sits still for me.
15. Dallin loves to play with his brothers and asks if he can play with them often.  They are always together, but he still always asks to play with them ;)
16.  Dallin says wonderful prayers now.  At meals, in the morning before we split off for our days and every night before bed.  He never forgets and will always pray before doing any of these things.
17.  Dallin loves to change his clothes.  Oh my, he can change clothes more often than I change diapers, and that is alot.
18.  Dallin loves to play in the dirt and will do so whenever I let him.  Our neighbor boy WIll and him love to get dirty and play in the dirt hill behind our house.
19.  Dallin has an amazing imagination.  He tells me stories and plays with me in the most amazing ways.  He can imagine up anything he wants to.
20.  Dallin is a total Daddy's boy.  All is right in the world when Daddy comes home.  He prefers his daddy to tuck him in at night, play with him and take care of him over mommy any day of the week.  He adores his daddy and his Daddy adores him.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Catch up December to February

Oh man, I am so far behind.  This is starting to become a pattern.  I go months between posts and then have to do a big make up post.  I need to get it together, afterall I am doing this blog for my own memories and for my children to look back on one day.  Hopefully I will do better.

The last 5 months have been crazy to say the least.   Last I posted was in January.  Since then we have had Christmas, 4 birthdays, moved into our new house, Easter, St. Patrick's day, Mother's day, my sisters wedding, Dallin's preshcool program and much more.  I think on this post I will focus on just a few Christmas pics, twins birthdays and moving into our house.

First Christmas, so long ago, but I don't want to forget.  It was the twins first Christmas and so I must write about it.   It was fun seeing Dallin get super excited this year.  It was wonderful to be together and  we had a blast.  Joe's Mom and Dad were in town and it was so fun having them here.  The twins were still a little too little to really understand much, but it was fun to see them try to open the presents nonetheless.

I can't seem to find the pictures from Christmas and it is driving me nuts.  Hopefully I will be able to find them and put a few up.

Moving into our house was crazy.  We didn't get the house done before we had to move it, but we still moved in anyways.  There are still things that need done, but it will come in time.  Here are some pictures of the house getting painted on the outside.

Doesn't it look beautiful?  I was really nervous about the green because green is a color if not done right, can look hideous.  I love the color and I think it turned out perfectly.  These pictures look a lot more "olive" than it does in person.  I just love the color though.

We have been living here 3 months now and I just love my house.  Love love love it.  I love everything about it.  It was so fun to build and choose all the things I wanted.  Now we need to landscape and finish getting some furniture.  It is a work in progress and one of these days I will post what I have done on the inside so far.

Overall, we just love our home and couldn't be happier.

Okay, next we have the twins birthday.  They turned ONE!!! Can you believe it?  I can't.  I still feel like they were just born yesterday and it is so hard to really believe they are already one.  Today they are 15 months old and the time just seems to keep right on flying by.  Here are some of my favorite pictures from their big day.

 Decorations for the twins birthday party. Dallin was pretty excited for the twins to see them.

 The cakes and cupcakes.

 My birthday boys getting messing.  Matthew on left, Blake on right.

 Blakey Bear.

 Matthew Monkey

 Time to open presents.

 Time for cake.  We have cake, pizza, fruit, chips and orange sherbet sprite drink.  It was delicious.  So many of our dear family and friends came to celebrate with us the miracle of our two boys.  I just love them.  They look so cute!

From December to February we had a lot going on, but it was a wonderful time.  I am so excited to have our new home and these three boys in our lives.  Life is feeling pretty great right now.  I am feeling so blessed and so honored to have all that I have in my life.  I feel so incredibly lucky and so incredibly humbled that the Lord sees fit to give me such wonderful boys and such an amazing husband.  I feel so full of gratitude and love for all that I have.  I know it all comes from Him.