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Friday, December 30, 2011

31 weeks with Twins!

31 weeks with twins!

I missed week 30. With the holidays and all, I just plain forgot. The two week span from my last picture may not seem different to most, but to me, I feel much bigger. My body is screaming at me this week. Everything is getting harder to do, but I must do it. I am still working out each day, the small amount of days I do happen to miss, my body is not happy with me at night. Whenever I miss working out, that very evening my contractions are so painful, my back hurts so bad and my overall energy level is like a zero. Believe it or not, working out makes my days better and easier to bear, though the working out part is super hard to do.

My belly is measuring at least a month and a half over due and my body feels it too. Every day I don't think my belly can stretch any farther and then it does. Everything seems to be going fine though. I have another ultra sound in about a week. We will see the babies again and make sure that they are still head down. I can hardly wait for them to get here, and to finally see what these little boys look like.

Blake, or Baby B is sitting higher and to my right side. He moves so much now it is getting uncomfortable. His little arms and legs, feet and hands are constantly pushing to get out. I see much more movement from Blake on my right, then Matthew on my left.

Matthew is much more mellow than Blake. I hardly feel Matthew move and when I do it is subtle and very soft. He is not a kicker like his brother Blake. There are days I get super worried when I feel hardly anything on my left. It will be interesting to see what there personalities are like and if they fit with how they were in-utero.

Just 7 weeks at the most to go. If I don't deliver by the 38 week mark they will induce me. I am hoping at my doctor's appointment on the 4th that we will set a date for this so I have something concrete to look forward to.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

29 weeks with Twins

Okay, I am only a couple days shy of being 30 weeks, but I had to post this 29 week pic for posterity sake. Here I am at 29.5 weeks pregnant with twins. We went to a family Christmas party Sunday and I got all the expected looks and comments from my unexpected extended family. Most of them didn't know I was having twins, so when they found out I was due in February, their eyes would go all wide and they would go silent. Pretty funny for me to witness.

I measured full term almost two weeks ago, and so since then I have just gotten larger and larger, and passing up the full term status quo has been well, humbling. I am feeling the discomfort big time and really rely on Joe's help. He got a cortisone shot in his back a few days ago and has been able to help a lot more. And I let him. It is hard though to not pick Dallin up as much as I used to. To not play with him as much as I used to, but I had to realize and finally except that I can't do as much as I used to.

These babies are healthy and strong and soon, they will be 4 pounds. I can hardly believe it. I hope they come around 37 weeks, that would be ideal. We will see though, I know they will come on their own timeline, nothing much I can do about it.

Christmas cookies

The other night when Dallin had gone to bed, Joe and I decided it was a good idea to make some cookies, just the two of us. I got a recipe from my mom for Candy Cane Cookies and so we set out to make some.

Joe was a good Christmas helper. He frosted them well, despite his fear of ruining them:)

We devoured cookies and listened to some Christmas music. It was a fun night with my sweetie. We were just our normal silly selves and it felt good.

They were pretty tasty, and cool looking, for us at least....we are both not the best bakers, so these were awesome for our skill level:)

I got in on the action of frosting as well....okay, I frosted most of them:)

Joe had fun in the kitchen, which doesn't happen often. My Mr. Clause has some pretty good skills, yes??

I love you Joe. Thanks for the fun night, and for just being crazy with me. You are the best.

Friday, December 9, 2011

O Christmas Tree, 2011

A few nights ago for FHE we went and got our Christmas tree. We knew we didn't want a huge one, but not a small one either. We found one that was just right. It was about as tall as Joe, so I said "we'll take it." The price wasn't too bad either. I am totally willing to pay $40 for a fresh Christmas tree. I just love the smell of fresh pine. The guys there even loaded and tied it up for us. It was the easiest tree pick up ever!

Dallin and his Dad just after bringing in the tree.

We didn't get any picture of the decorating part itself, but, we did get this shot of Dallin standing in awe before it, just after seeing it all done.

Love my new holiday apron. Thanks for bringing me home one babe. You are the best.

This was taken last night. What a ham. He wanted a picture in front of the "kwismas twee". It was a fun night of cold hunts for a tree, hot cocoa, sparkles, Mannheim Steamroller, and last but not least chocolaty kisses from our little boy.

I love Christmas time!!!

Dallin, The Goofball

Last night was a hoot.

Lately Dallin hasn't been too happy (thank you terrible two's) but last night, he was his normal goofy self and decided to model for me.

I mean look at that face, so adorable, I could just kiss him all day!! And well, sometimes I do...

I love you Dallin. You made a very tired mom, laugh hard for awhile and forget her pain. You are such a ham and I just think you are the best. You are a goofball just like me. Let's promise to always be goofball's together. Okay??? Good.

Love you.

28 weeks with Twins

(28 weeks with Twins)

I am currently 28 weeks along with these two little boys and I feel just so huge! I went to the doctor for my 28 week checkup and he said I am measuring full term, that's 40 weeks according to him. Yikes! I can not believe how fast this tummy of mine is growing. I look like I am ready to deliver, but I have so many more weeks to go. 10 more to be exact. I just can't wait to meet them.

Joe hurt his back again over Thanksgiving,( darn back just won't heal, poor Joe) and so for the last two weeks I have had to do most everything on my own. It has been a very hard two weeks. I can't bend down easily and so just simple things like picking up after Dallin, or sweeping the floor, emptying out the dishwasher, etc are becoming sooo much work. I find I am constantly stopping to catch my breath and I am just plain tuckered out. I have cried that last two weeks more than I think I have in the last year. I am one emotional mama, so watch out! I am hoping to get the nesting instinct soon as well as the energy that accompanies it, because I could sure use some of it.

The boys are doing great and so am I, regardless of my previous complaints. Just tired, sore and tired. Contractions are coming almost every night now. Painful ones that leave me just wondering how in the world I am not in labor. But, the next morning finds me fit as a fiddle and with no contractions in sight. Let's hope it stays that way for at least for another 8 weeks. I don't want these boys coming before they can get all healthy and strong on their own in there. This week does mark a huge milestone for them. If they were born, they would most likely survive, so here is to baby viability. Hooray!!!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

27 weeks with Twins and Exploding

(Pregnant with twins 27 weeks)

Close up of the belly, I am poking straight out now. I am carrying pretty high still, I don't know how much more of this I can take, but 11 weeks is the most I will be pregnant from here on out. Let's hope I don't just explode:) The doctor said he expects me to go to 37 or 38 weeks, but will induce me by 38 if I haven't delivered by then.

I missed a few weeks of pictures, and the difference from 24 weeks to today, 27 weeks is really obvious to me. I am growing so quickly now. The babies are ahead of schedule with Baby B around 2 pounds and Baby A right behind him at 1 lb. 14 oz. They are about 2 weeks ahead of schedule in growth. Way to go boys! They are both healthy and seem pretty happy to be in there. They kick me like crazy and keep me up most nights as I try to ignore their acrobatics.

Sleeping is very hard to do now, I can't seem to get comfortable no matter how I lay down. Something is always aching whether it be my hips, my shoulders, the belly or my back. I guess I should be thankful I am sleeping at all:) I am measuring around a 34 week pregnancy right now, but feel so much bigger.

My weight gain has been good, still sitting around 20 pounds. I keep hoping I can pull off my goal of only gaining 30. That would be a miracle, but I can still hope:)

Monday, November 14, 2011

Twins 24 weeks

(Pregnant with Twins 24 weeks)

Look at the difference just 9 weeks has made. I am so much bigger than I was at 15 weeks, so crazy. Things were really great this week. I feel a lot better, maybe because I am eating a lot better. I have pretty much cut out sweets and it has made a big difference. I started doing stretches every night too, which I think is really helping my mobility. The belly is growing so fast, I can't image what I will look like in just 8 short weeks, but I am sure I will be huge:)

Today at the gym a woman told me I was a trooper for still coming to the gym so close to my due date. I informed her I still had 3 months to go and she gave me this look of shock. I then told her I had two in there, and she quickly said I looked great. I am really starting to get a lot of comments about how soon it must be to the end, or how great I look for being so far along. The next 3 months are going to get interesting:)

I have gained 20 lbs, but have stayed at this for about a week now. We'll see if I can still stay under the 30 lbs. Not likely...but I am trying:)

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Dallin got Stiches!

Over the weekend we went to my sister in law Stephanie's family home in St. George. It was fun, though the drive seemed long as it was snowing in Cedar City. We got there and went swimming the next day. Dallin had a blast, up until he had to get stiches.

After swimming in the indoor pool we had to make a run to the car. It was freezing outside and so his Uncle Caleb, grabbed him and ran for the car really fast to get him in the car safe and sound. He opened the door a little too quickly and didn't notice that it was swinging back on them, before it was too late. Then BAM!! Dallin got a good, firm bonk on the door and that was all it took for his little face to split open. Right above his left eye was a half inch gash. We took him to the urgent care and the little guy got two stitches. What a tramatic day for him it was. He did so good though! As he was getting his stitches, he just squinted his eyes real tight and closed his eyes. He was so brave and I was so proud of him. Afterward he got some BuzzLight Year stickers and that perked him right up. He was so great and did so well the rest of the trip considering he was in pain and was constantly saying he had an "owie" and that it hurt. He didn't cry much and he still slept really well. What a trooper.

Needless to say, Uncle Caleb felt awful, but Dallin didn't blame him. He kept saying, the car hurt me, Car owie!!! He didn't associate Caleb with his stitches which was good. Caleb I think almost cried he felt so bad, but all is well, and Dallin is doing great. I wanted to get a picture of the stitches, but Dallin refuses to let me take that band-aid off. Maybe the next time I change the bandages I will get a quick shot.

Dallin and his Uncle Caleb sleeping on the way home from St. George. You can see that bandaid above his left eye. So sad to see, but he loves his little "Woody and Bulls-eye" band-aid. He also loves his Uncle Caleb still:)

23 weeks with Twins

(23. 5 weeks with twins, and tired)

23 weeks pregnant with twins and feeling more tired by the day. I can still function and do all the things I need to, but I am usually in bed by 10pm:) I am getting slower at climbing the stairs, slower at getting ready and slower at pretty much everything. I can't move as well as I used too. My belly is just getting bigger and bigger. Sometimes it seems that over night it grows, and it is an inch larger in the morning.

The babies are very active now. I have felt them since week 15, but they are so active now that it is getting a little uncomfortable. Last night Joe and I watched my belly move and ripple as the babies kicked and punched. I don't remember my belly moving this much so that you could see this much from the outside until at least 29 weeks with Dallin. They are all squashed and balled up in there, and fighting for room that I think I see movement a lot more prominently than I did with Dallin. It is exciting though and very surreal. I love these little guys so much already.

Dallin is doing so great. He is learning and starting to understand the concept of two babies coming. He is potty training a little at a time right now. I am so proud of the big boy he is becoming. I am sure he will be a great big brother.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween and Cornbelly's 2011

WARNING: Severe photo overload.....I couldn't help myself. There were just so many cute pictures to choose from. This Halloween weekend was a blast. Look at your own risk:)

So Monday was Halloween and it was so fun!!! Dallin was a pirate and what a cute pirate he was. We loaded him up in the car and headed to the first street in our ward. We figured one street would be enough. At first he didn't want to hold his bucket of candy, but once he got the hand of it and realized there was candy being put in there, he wouldn't let go of the bucket. It was so much fun watching him run from house to house. He loved it and was so polite, saying thank you each time. It was also great seeing people in our new ward. Dallin was so great and I think he had a great time trick or treating.

Dallin Halloween 2011

Dallin saying ARRRRRRR!!!!

We had potato soup dyed orange and orange juice and rolls for dinner. Then we headed to my parents in Provo so they could see his costume. He got even more candy there. Stephanie and Caleb, my brother and sister in law came and brought candy for all the little chick-lens too, so he now has enough candy to last him a loooooong time. I am trying to limit it to three candies a day. One after each meal, if he finishes his meal. Halloween was a blast.

The Saturday before Halloween, we went to Cornbelly's at Thanksgiving Point. Our friends Brian and Ashley and their sons were going, so we thought it would be fun. Dallin had a blast and he loved chasing Tyson around. He got a lot of cool things in like......

Riding in a cow train, super cool. Look at his face, he is so satisfied with his situation.

He shot corn from a gun with Daddy.

He got stuck in a spider web with Daddy.

He sailed on "Captain Hook's" ship.

He bounced on a huge bouncy platform with Daddy.

Then we went racing. It was a blast for Dallin, Joe and maybe even,
Look at Joe's face, it's classic.

Getting pushed by Daddy. Dallin loved this part.

Me getting a little racing in myself. I admit it was hard with a big pregnant belly getting in the way, but it was oh so fun. Love my face. We all make funny faces without realizing it I think. Check out Dallin's below.

Oh yeah! Great face Dallin!

Dallin and Daddy racing together. Some more funny faces, courtesy of Joe.

Dallin did some duck racing with water pumps.

Joe climbed a wall with Brian. I'll let you guess who won:)

Dallin slid down a slide with Daddy!

Dallin climbed in a firetruck...oh he loved this part so much!

Daddy with his boy in a big, huge, ginormous rocking chair.

Mommy and her other two boys(still in the belly) in the big, huge, ginormous rocking chair.

Dallin and Mommy being barn animals....

Dallin and his Daddy being barn animals....

Dallin played with ginormous corn balls that bounced.

Dallin loved bouncing on this bouncy horse. He actually did really well. You can see just how much lift he got. I would say there is a good two inches of clearance under that horse. Way to go Dallin!

Dallin bouncing with his Daddy. Joe looks confused, but really he was saying look at Dallin go! Dallin did a great job. Much better than Joe, hahaha.

I decided to get in on the action and I couldn't stop laughing. It felt so weird bouncing up and down with my big belly. I think Joe struggled a little getting us off the ground. What do you think? I don't think his face gives him away at all.....not.

Over all we had a fun time and ended with the corn maze, which was a quick short trip into the maze. The two little boys didn't do so hot staying right by us and we quickly decided to get out. I didn't want to lose them in there, since I very well could lose myself in there.

It was a fun day. I look forward to going back next year:)