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Friday, April 23, 2010

t-t-t-tennis rules

(my messy little eater, he has gotten so good with eating...still no vegetables though)

wow, I haven't posted in a while. I guess I have been busy. Things just go by too fast now.

I have been feeling really good lately. I have recently (within the last month) taken up weight lifting. I just love it. My muscles all feel so strong and I just feel so full of energy afterwards. I never understood Joe's love for it til now. It can get addicting. For the past month I have been extremely consistent, going to the gym every morning at 7 am. I found the earlier I go, the easier it is to get it done. I just love it!

This has helped immensely with my tennis. I LOVE tennis. Joe bought me tennis lessons for Christmas and I must say, I loved the thought of it then and now that I am almost done, I just couldn't be happier with my gift. I have had 10 lessons and I have enjoyed it so much! I guess I am getting pretty good because the owner of the country club has invited me to play on one of the competive leauges! I am so excited! I am sure it is a beginners league, but nonetheless I am stoked and totally flattered that she asked me to play. Only 8 women were asked out of, well, I dont know how many that have gone through the program since last August, but quite a few I imagine. It starts May 10th and I am really trying to practice hard so that I can get even better. I have never really been into sports, but find that I am loving playing tennis and just itch to play again after each session. It's fantastic!

I am officially down to my pre-pregnancy weight and think that I am as fit as I have been since I was dancing every day in high school. It just feels so great! I highly recommend it:)

Friday, April 9, 2010

Easter and Ducks

Easter was so fun this year. Dallin was actually cognisant of what was going on. He loved the candy of course! He loved to look in his basket and find all the goodies. I tried on his bunny ears...

I tried to get him to put them on, but no such luck!

(he threw them down hard...hahha)

Dallin going through his basket

He especially loved that snicker eggs, here he is just smiling at them...
Dallin and his daddy on easter morn
We had alot of fun, just lounging and then watching conference. We went to my parents house for the first session and to have sunday dinner (really lunch because it was at 1pm, but for some reason we call it dinner) and had a lovely time. Yummy cooked ham and homemade gravy is just the best. You can not top that goodness.
We went home to watch the second session of conference because Dallin was just not happy about having to sleep in a pack n' play. We watched conference and then all fell asleep. It is not too often that this happens and it was just bliss. WE all napped on the couch together for a good hour. I woke up and snapped this cute pic of Dallin and Joe. So sweet.

Joe is slowing learning the guitar, and Dallin just loves to try to "play" too. His eyes just light up when he sees it.

His classic scrunchy face and another of him and the guitar. He seriously loves this thing.

A few days ago, it started to warm up, so we headed to the duck pond on campus for some bread throwin' and duck chasin'

Dallin didn't really do either, but he seemed content in my arms or Joe's.

We had a blast being in the sun. It looks like it is finally starting to warm up and I couldn't be more excited. I don't have much patience with the cold. I have my valid reasons, like being allergic for one, and two, I just can....hahaha. Here comes the sun, little darlin, here comes that sun, and I say, it's alright.....YES!

Monday, April 5, 2010

He won't eat them Veggies

I can not get Dallin to eat his vegetables, or even most meats for that matter.

Hence, he isn't getting the vitamins he needs nor the protein he needs.

All he wants to eat is crackers and vanilla wafers.

If anyone has some advice, please let me know it. I am all out of ideas myself and really really want him to eat healthy.

It all started when he got sick with pneumonia. He would eat almost anything, but once he got sick, he just wouldn't eat, so I started him on formula again. I know I had to, so he would at least get some nutrition when he was sick, but man, it has made life so hard now. Now that he is better, he is more pickier than ever and I just don't know how to help him stop.

Here are some questions:

Is it safe to let them go without a meal if they just won't eat anything healthy?
Do I just try again the next time? How long do I wait between trying to get him to eat a vegetable? How about meat?
Any advice on how to prepare the veggies so he will eat them?

Grandma Hansen, I am counting on you to help me with this? How did you get three boys to end up eating all the right foods?

This is the part of parenting that I highly underestimated the difficulty of it all.

He was so great eating before, and now he is like a completely different child when it comes to eating. I guess I am just wondering, if this is just how he will be, or will he grow out of this pickyness?????

Advice please.