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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The crankster

Dallin has been such a crankster lately.

He is usually so happy and laid back. He has been so sick, but man...he has been a grumpy baby lately.

I was wiping his nose and like usual he squirmed and threw his head back in defiance. And that is when I saw them...

Two huge molars breaking through his gums on top.

No wonder he has been so cranky.

Molars here we come! Finally, he will be able to chew with efficiency:)

Monday, March 29, 2010

28 or something...

So I know that you have like 28 teeth or something like that, if you don't have your wisdom teeth, which I don't. They were pulled when I was 16 and I looked like a chipmunk for a good 2 weeks.
I have had the worst luck with my teeth, or genetics, because I think luck really has nothing to do with it. I brush my teeth 3 times a day, I floss each night (should do it in the morning, but always forget) and I use mouth wash each time I brush. You would think that my teeth would be great, healthy and strong.

They are NOT.

Sadly, my teeth have given me the worst nightmares since they came in as a child. And it seems that no matter how hard I try to take care of them, I end up with another cavity, another root canal, another crown to put on, another apico to do, another retreat to spend money on...

About two years ago, I had to have a tooth pulled, do to a failed root canal, a failed apico and a failed retreat of the root canal. Soooo after spending, literally thousands of dollars trying to keep the tooth and putting myself through tons of pain. I lost it anyways.

It was so traumatic for me. I felt that not only one tooth was missing, but two were. The gap seemed larger than one, and I felt so self conscious. I was a hilly billy with missing teeth!!! I have been living with only 27 teeth and it has been so annoying. Everytime I want to chew something on my right side where the tooth is missing, I am abruptly reminded I cannot, when that sharp chip, or that cold icecream hits my exposed, gaping hole of a gum line, it hurts, it freezes like ice and throbs when it gets pushed on.

BUT...over the last year I have been going through the process of getting a tooth implant. I had a bone graft, a shaft placed and I had to wait for it to heal.

I am happy to say that tomorrow, after years of being a toothless hill billy...hahah....I am finally getting "a" tooth back. I won't be my own, but at least there won't be this huge gap where my molar used to be. Hurray!!!

I can hardly wait to chew on my right side again! The bliss!

Friday, March 19, 2010

I though it was

Spring...I thought it might be here. I even went outside for bike rides wearing capri's and flip flops. I went out to the garden and pulled out dead annuals and weeds, I raked it all up, it looked nice and ready for planting new flowers.

Then I woke up this morning and found it snowing. My heart sank....NOOOOOOOO! "I want Spring," I said.

If I can't have spring outside yet, then I guess I will make my own inside. I made these bright yellow flowers from paper mache and tree braches from my backyard. They brighten my kitchen, my bathroom and my living room. They literally cost 20 cents to make.

Take that snow, ice and wind.

hahahahahah, I am victorious :)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Dallin is himself again.
Just a testament that prayers really do work. They surely do.
It is like he got better over night. No fever, very little coughing, no wheezing.
His little smile is back and those eyes are full of life again.
We went for a bike ride today. He LOVED it. He giggled alot. I looked back often to find him laying against the bike trailer, eyes closed and just smiling as the sun shone down on his face.
(our sweet ride)

Yes, he is doing much better today.
Thank you for all the prayers. I know they worked wonders on him. My little boy is back...

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Dallin has Pneumonia.

So sad.

He just lays around all day, wimpering and weak.

He can barely open his eyes and isn't lucid at all.

Thanks for all the prayers, he seems to be doing better today.

I hope I get my little boy back soon....

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Happy Birthday Dallin

Dallin is One!!!!! Dallin turned one years old on March 5th! 2010

I can't believe it, but its true! He had a birthday party March 3rd with all my family. We had a big dinner for him at our home and everyone brought lots of presents! Thank you everyone. We had a cake and sang to him and he got to play with all his new toys. Things were great and he was such a trooper. We had a neighbor come and our best friends Brian and Ashley and their son Tyson. All my family and my nieces and nephews came, it was a blast. Sadly, Grandpa and Grandpa Hansen couldn't come, or any of Joe's brothers and their families, but we missed them!!! They all live far far away, so they couldn't make it;(. We had a blast celebrating Dallin's First Birthday. HE got a little tuckered out, he isn't used to so much company and celebrations, but I think he had fun nonetheless.

His day stared with his favorite breakfast, his bottle...heheheh....

We had taco salad for dinner and talked and chatted. It was fun to have so many people in our house, it was crammed and small, but it was great.

After dinner, Dallin opened all his presents!!

A talking book from Aunt Crystal, Uncle Kraig and Cousin Calvin.

Opening a gift from Daddy and waiting paitently.

He loved his cars from Daddy!

Joe and I each gave Dallin a book from the series of "little creatures", we plan to read them to him every night:)

HE got this nifty Car from Grandma and grandpa Johnson!
And this awesome Shirt and many other gifts from Aunt Gwenny, Uncle Gerritt, and cousins Axel, Xander and Lacey.

We had cake.....Doggy Cake at that:) I personally made it all by myself...I am quite proud of how it turned out. I plan on doing a themed cake for each child, for each birthday.

We sang happy birthday and he blew out his candle.

We tried to get him to eat his cake and smash it for fun, but to no avail. I guess he doesn't like to get his hands dirty....

Lacey gave him some bubbles for his birthday, the kids had fun playing in them and trying to pop them. Dallin seemed in awe of the bubbles....

and a little scared at times...

All in all it was a great party and I think that he had fun!
On his actual birthday day, we had another cake for him, which he didn't smash either:(
we played all day and went for a walk, we visited DAddy at work and broke a pinata!
More to come on that soon!!!
We got some cool gifts from Grandma and grandpa Hansen, which he loves! And chatted to them on skype. They sang him happy birthday and he loved it.
We ended the day with dinner at Bajio's, which Dallin loved, not because he ate anything, but because he got to play with styrafoam cups! I loved that.
Happy Birthday Dallin! We love you!!!