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Friday, November 26, 2010

Christmas in November

Our tree giving our living room a nice warm glow...I just love it!!!

This year we put up the Christmas tree a little earlier than usual. We put it up on November 18th. If I'd had it my way, it would have been up that day after Halloween. I LOVE Christmas, I love everything about it. The lights, the trees, the music, the is just all fantastic. Dallin was such a delight putting up the tree, he loved it. He wanted to help do everything.

Dallin helping me fix the branches

Dallin copying mommy

Don't worry, that is not the ghost of Christmas is just me, a blur in front of the camera. Joe had the flash off, and it made a cool ghost out of me.

Dallin and I had so much fun putting the tree up, he was such a good helper. Joe had fun taking pictures and playing some Christmas music to set the mood. Putting up a fake tree is soooo much easier than a real one. But don't worry, I have been burning pine oil all week to make sure that house still smells like fresh pine trees. Love that smell.

Friday, November 19, 2010

The Pole

This little boy makes me laugh. Seriously.... doesn't this picture make you just bust up laughing? Now imagine all the things I get to witness this silly boy do in person. I think I burn 500 calories a day, just laughing.

Strike a Pose... lol

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

We did the Monster Mash

Happy Halloween!

The Friday before Halloween, Joe and I and Dallin went to a pumpkin patch with our friends Brian and Ashley and their son Tyson. It was fun to walk through the patch with Dallin. Every pumpkin was a "ball." He had fun...I think. Joe and Dallin found their pumpkins...which Joe later exchanged for some better ones by the cash

Dallin was a Dragon for Halloween. I bought the costume without him there, and found out later that the costume was much too small. But there were no exchanges, so I had to make due. Dallin was growling all night. It was adorable.
Dallin loved the candy. His Grandma and Grandpa Johnson gave him a bunch of candy. His favorite was his very own bag of candy corn, which he carried around with him for the first 20 minutes after arriving at their house.

I made sure to brush his teeth really good that night. I think he ate his body weight in sugar.

We took him trick or treating. I loved to hear his little voice say "tant tou" after each person gave him some candy.

I loved to watch Dallin and his daddy walk hand in hand while Dallin's dragon tail swayed side to side with each step.

I love the look on Dallin's face when he poured out all his candy after the night. It was sheer joy.

I most of all loved how he was just so excited to have his candy that he could not sit still for even one picture.

( us trying to take a family pic, but Dallin wouldn't stay still and Joe's eyes are almost always closed...hahaha)