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Friday, December 4, 2009

9 Month stats

We just got back from Dallin's 9 month check up and it went well. I was super worried that the doctor was going to rail into me because Dallin is not crawling yet, but he didn't seem to be too worried or surprised. He said Dallin was doing so well with everything else, that he isn't worried about the crawling. Wheww!! I was worried, but now I feel a lot better knowing the doctor isn't that concerned.

Super Baby's Stats:
Weight: A whopping 21 lbs. 2 oz. 77th percentile

Head: 46 cm. 71st percentile

Height: 30 inches. 95th percentile

He was a trooper with his FLU shot and the iron test. He was such a great baby today, I think he deserves a treat:)

Chubby Whubby BABY:) We LOVE You!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Wouldn’t you know it?

Dallin didn't exactly start crawling overnight, but after I made that post yesterday he did do something else, he went from all fours to sitting up on his knees! Hurray!!!

He is getting so strong. Here are the pictures of his progress.

On all fours….

Pushing up….

Sitting on his knees!!!!! I am so proud of him!!!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

a month late but o well....

Dallin is almost 9 months, so I wanted to post some pictures of him as an 8 month old, before he is no longer that old.

His little face is changing so much. His little baby cheeks aren't quite as chubby (still very squishy and chubby of course) and his little teeth are really starting to come in. I think he is looking quite handsome.

Dallin LOVES to hang out with his dad and to wear his hats. The black hat is one of Joe's favorites. I put one of my hats on at first and Joe didn't like this very much....immediately he took my hat off and put one of his on. I guess I am just aching to dress a little girl up. Sorry Dallin:)

We have a little neighbor girl who absolutely LOVES Dallin and I think he loves her. This is just a small glimpse into their "love"...hehe. You can't really tell in this picture, but he was just pulling away from laying his first smoocher on a girl...he just loves to be held by her. He just watches her and strokes her hair. It is so cute!Dallin still isn't very mobile yet, even at his 9 month mark, he isn't crawling. I was really worried at his 6 month check up, because everyone I knew who had a 6 month old was already crawling or at least army crawling, but Dallin wasn't even close. I decided after the appointment to start really working with him. BUT..... nothing....I think he will just do it in his own time and in his own way. However, somehow, when we are not looking, he manages to move around like crazy. This picture of him in his crib is how I found him after his nap. He was on the opposite end of the crib, there were no stuffed animals anywhere around him, and somehow he managed to end up like this. I have decided that he just doesn't want to do it around me...oh well:)

He has always been very smart though, I think that he is just very observant and spends a lot of his time thinking about how things work and other stuff, rather than how to get somewhere and how to crawl. He is always just watching me, studying me, looking at things, playing with things, and just all around observing. He loves to smile, laugh and FLIRT. Yes, my little boy is a flirt already. His newest thing is to smile, cock his head to one side with his head turned slightly away from you and then slowly blink both his he is winking! It is so funny!! I just love his little personality. He is always so patient with me. He hardly cries and is so well mannered. Yesterday I was visiting an elderly women in my ward and we were there for 3.5 hours. I didn't feed him or change his diaper while there and she was amazed that he didn't cry or whine once! I just had to laugh, because that is the definition of who he is... patience. I am one lucky mom:)

I think this might be one reason why he isn't mobile yet, he is just to darn patient. I try putting him on all fours like this picture shows, he will rock back and forth for a little while, smile and then just plop back down on his stomach. No desire whatsoever to get around the house. I guess I should be thankful, he is that much easier to handle, but I can't help but be anxious for that next step in his development to just happen. I know it will come in due time, I guess I am the one who needs to learn a lesson from my son and just be patient. One of the many things he has already taught me:)