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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Holding head up high

Dallin is super strong already and I am so excited for him to be able to crawl around, so I can chase him, lol. Here are some pictures of him holding his head up, this was around a month ago, but you get the idea. He can pretty much hold himself up on the ground and push himself over. I think he is just a few weeks away from rolling over.

He loves to take baths now too. At first, he absolutely HATED bath time, but now he loves it, as the following pictures show:

He still doesn't have much hair yet, but I am counting on it coming in thick and lush. Joe and I both have really thick hair, though both of ours is super fine. Right now his little peach fuzz is light brown, so I think he might follow suit and have dark hair like his daddy.

I am officially losing weight quicker now. When I came home from the hospital I weighted....194 lbs. By the time Dallin was 2 months I still weighted 170. Yikes, I know, but I have in 2 1/2 months lost about 27 pounds. Hurray, I weigh 157 as of this morning. Just 20 lbs left to go to be my pre-pregnancy weight and just 25 lbs to go before I am at my weight I was when I was married to Joe. That would be nice to get down there, but my Doctor said I was underweight at 130, so I may not get that far down. I was still super healthy, but my BMI was too low I guess. Right now, those days seem like a dream. I never thought I would battle so much with loosing weight, but then again I had no idea how much having a baby changes your body. But, I am confident I can loose it all by the end of the summer. Hurray!

I do cardio on my eliptical for 30 minutes every morning. The machine says I loose 450 calories each time, but really, I think it is way over estimating. I lift weights each afternoon and I do yoga and pilates every other morning. I think on this regime I can definitely loose the rest by the end of summer.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I finally got around to taking some pictures of Dallin in his blessing tux. He was blessed on May 3rd and it was so beautiful. We had so many family members there, it was so wonderful. I played around with the pictures a bit. Let me know which ones you guys like the best. I think I did an okay job.

This two I love, but I can't decide between black and white or sepia.

I absolutely adore his little face in these two.

And here is a fun view of his tux. My mom sewed it for him and he looks adorable in it. I love it and I love him.

The most wonderful thing about tiggers is.....

Okay, so we decided a few weeks ago that Dallin was old enough to experience a jumperoo. So we went a purchased one for him. We got a really neat one at Walmart for a good price. We brought it home and put it together for him. It was so fun to see him bounce in it. At first his little legs were just too short and still bent ( he hasn't quite figured at how to stand on his legs and keep them straight yet) so his little legs just dangled there. But soon he was figuring out how to bounce and sure enough he did get the hang of it. Here are some pictures of the many faces he makes while he is bouncing in his jumperoo.

He is quite a character. He loves to jump and bounce now. He has also found his voice. I think it was my sister in law Rileigh that said that when her little girl Jocelyn was little she sounded just like a Pterodactyl. Well, Dallin has now discovered he can sound like one too. It is so fun to hear him squeal and squawk. He smiles after every one like, "wow, I totally was loud." He is so much fun!

I also thought that since he loves to bounce it made sense to dress him in his tigger outfit. Isn't he cute?

Bouncy, Trouncy, fun fun fun fun fun......