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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Dallin turns the big 0-3

 Dallin turned three years old March 5th.  It was awesome.  I tried my darnedest to throw him a good party, and I hope I succeeded.  He was such a good boy through the twins birth and suffered from lack of parental attention.  I think he had a blast.
 "What Mom, another picture....give me a break."

 Cake year 3.
I usually try to do some kind of cool cake.  Year one it was a doggy cake, year 2 it was a lighting McQueen cake and this year it was going to be a buzz light year cake, but I was super stressed and this is what I ended up dong.  It wasn't a life-sized Buzz cake, but it was still pretty awesome.

 Dallin opening his presents.
 I told him to close his eyes before daddy brought his bike down.  I got some pretty cool shots of his reaction.  He is such a cool kid.

 Blowing out his candles and cutting the cake.  Dallin thought the cake look, "so cool", but said, "I can't eat that mom, it isn't tasty."  Whatever Dallin, mommy enjoyed eating it. It was made for him, but you can't make him eat it.  It was fun nonetheless, I think he enjoyed himself....Don't ya think????

Ya, I would say this face says it all....
 Twins at two weeks.  They look so small, but that was only a short while ago.  They were so strong already.  Blake was lifting his head and Matthew was arching his back so high, I thought for sure he was going to roll over at two weeks.  They both slept so well.  At this point, Joe's mom Judy was flying back home and I thought I was going to die.  It felt so overwhelming.  So Joe, being the super man that his is, he started getting up every night to help me out.  He did every nighttime feeding from then on out.  Every single one.  What a stud right?  He was such a help to me.  I was going going going all day long with the twins and Dallin, that I was exhausted at night, and would break down and cry at the thought of getting up in the middle of the night.  Joe was such a trooper and did it for me instead.  We bought these nifty horseshoe shaped pillows that we would put on either side of us and feed the babies by bottle.  We still feed them that way to this day.  Joe was able to feed them at night by himself and I was able to do it during the day by myself.  Those pillows worked like a charm.  I didn't have any help from week 2 on, so needless to say, I was a bit frantic at first.  But, I slowly got in the swing of things, and now feel pretty capable.

 The family.  Twins at week 2.

Dallin had a birthday on March 5th, but we had his party March 3rd.  It was fun and just what he needed to feel loved and get some much needed attention since the twins came.

 Daddy got him a bike for his birthday and Dallin loved it!

Twins week 4.

Twins week 5

Twins week 6

I don't know what I was thinking, I guess I was out of my mind at this point, but I decided to potty train Dallin at 6 weeks post partum. I must really have been out of mind, I mean who does that?  But I stuck through it all and Dallin was potty trained in a week.  He still has a poop accident every once in a while, but he is pretty good now.  He even potty trained to not wet the bed by day 5.  I was so and still am so proud of him.  He is such a smart and awesome kid.

 Twins at 2 months.  Blake was rolling over  from front to back and Matthew was smiling like crazy.  Blake was slow to smile, but Matthew though, was all smiles by week 7.  He loved to smile and coo.  They were both sleeping through the night.  At week 9 they were sleeping from 10pm til 6:30am.  It was amazing.  Babywise is the answer to all my worries.  It works like a charm.  Well rested babies, make for well fed and happy babies.  I love the full night sleep I get and it sure helps get me through my hectic days with two babies and a toddler.

 Dallin loves his brothers. He says they are his babies, and his very protective of them.  For a 3 year old, Dallin is really smart and super intuitive. Sometimes he can calm them down better than I can.

Twins at 11 weeks.

I love the way that Dallin is starting to interact with them.  They are so much fun now and we both just love to play with them.  Matthew has been smiling for weeks now and Blake is just starting to at this point.  Blake started smiling around 12 weeks.  Matthew smiles so big, I think his face might crack.  I love it.  They both giggle and coo at my silly faces and sounds.  It just melts my heart.  Dallin was so funny this day I took their 11 week pictures.  He kept saying, " Mommy, my brothers want to take pictures with me, watch this."  He then would move them into position and have me take their picture.  He then wanted to be in the pictures too.  He moved around them,  setting himself either between them or beside them. I have to say, my joy was pretty full this day.  It was so heart warming to see him love them so much and to watch as their eyes followed him wherever he went.  It is my hope they he will always be a good example to them, and that they will look to him in every good thing as they do now.

Birth through 2 weeks

(3 days old) 

So I have been really really bad at updating my blog.  The past months have been, shall we say, super busy.  I haven't had time to even think about writing on here, but I want so badly to record everything so I never forget it.  The last time I posted the twins were born.  Wow, so much has happened since then.  For one, they are 3 months old now and super chunky.   We will get to those pictures another day, right now I want to make sure I record their first few weeks of life.  The picture above is their first day home from the hospital.  Aren't they cute?  They weighed under 7 lbs by the time they came home. Pretty good for twins if you ask me.  It was hectic adjusting to life with two new babies.  Dallin kept me busy to begin with, and now I had to throw two babies into the mix.  I had to learn quickly how to adapt and how to function with them in our lives.  It was hectic, but so amazing.  They got on a schedule quickly and they started to sleep well.  Blake and Matthew were messy eaters, but Blake struggled to learn to suck.  His sucking reflex was not strong from day one, and to this day, that has been a huge cause for anxiety for me. I always worry he is getting enough to eat.  But, they are gaining weight like champions and so far are a whopping 14 lbs. each.  They are my cute chunkers!
 I had daddy take some photos with them on day 5.  They were so snuggly and cute.  They already had a strong twin bond and calmed right down when they were next to each other.

 Dallin the big brother fixing their room up.  He has been such an AWESOME older brother.  He loves his brothers so much and doesn't hesitate to tell them so.  He loves to tickle them, make them giggle, he even likes to help me feed them.  This last about 2.5 seconds before he says his arm hurts and I must hold the bottle, but so cute nonetheless.  Mom and Dad Hansen came into town to help me before and after the twins were born.  Lifesaver I tell you.  I don't know what I would have done without them.  They are the most giving people I know, and I couldn't be luckier to have in laws like them.
 Dallin flying a kite with his Grandpa Hansen after the twins were born.
 Twins on day 5. They were already growing and starting to smile a little.  I loved to watch them be together.  They have their own looks, but still look so much like Dallin in their own ways.   Blake is mild tempered when he is awake, but if he is hungry or tired, WATCH OUT.  The boy can cry.  Matthew is a gentle soul.  He loves to snuggle and loves his pacifier.  He sleeps well, but can whine if he is not held.  Which is hard to do all the time when you have two babies demanding your attention.  They are amazing though.  I look at them and it just hits me over and over the miracle that they are.

 Twins on Day 10.  They are a week an a half old right here.  I forgot how much new borns slept.  I couldn't get enough of them though, so holding them was something I tried to do more.  There are perks to having two babies, there is always one who needs cuddlin.  I never had to share a baby this time around, there was enough baby for all.  I got my much need fix on newborn cuddles.  It was heaven.

 Dallin had a birthday right after the twins were born.  Grandpa hansen wasn't going to be here for his birthday party, so they threw him a mini party the night before Grandpa had to fly home.  He got lots of fun toys from Grandma and Grandpa and blew out some candles on his cupcakes.  He was enjoying himself quite a bit.
 It snowed just before the twins were born and Dallin and I went out in the snow.  I couldn't do much but follow him around and take pictures, but he had a blast nonetheless.

 That night, Daddy came home and played in the snow with him too.  He had fun throwing snow and tackling his daddy.  I think he likes playing in the snow with his Daddy more than his pregnant mommy.  Go figure.;)