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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

And here comes another one

Hooray! We finally got some photos of our new product! Joe and I are starting another company called "Lullabibs". We will be manufacturing cute toddler bibs for that messy toddler that is learning to feed themselves, play with all sorts of crazy things and help around the house. Our good friends Brian and Ashley are doing the business with us (the bibs were their idea, great idea don't you think?). We are so excited to finally get this thing going. Wish us luck!!

We had a photo shoot this last weekend and little Grace was there. She was such a ham. Thank you Suz for coming and helping me out, it was great to have you guys there and Grace gave us some pretty cute shots. Hooray!

Grace and her lovely mama Suz:)

You can check them out at our site, We are coming out with some new ones soon. The website isn't all the way done yet, but you will get the idea. Spread the word about these awesome bibs. :)

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Thomas and Memorial Day

Memorial day was a blast.
Granted I was sick and it was cold, and yet, we managed to have a splendid time. We started our day with Thomas! Dallin isn't the most expressive when it comes to emotions like excitement and joy, but I guarantee he had a great time. We went up to Heber to ride a train the convert into Thomas each year. Dallin and his Daddy in front of the "Thomas train"

On our way to see the train.

Boarding the train and giving the conductor his ticket.

The Conductor.

It was so fun to see his little face light up when he got on that train. I waited outside to get some pictures of him on the train. I just love how excited he was and how excited Joe was. It makes doing things as a family so much more fun!
You can see his little face through the window. Love it!

As the train started, Dallin was so excited. He kept saying "choo choo train, choo choo train", over and over again. I think he got the concept, though I don't think he understood we were on Thomas the train. He kept asking for

The train started to move....

He saw many other engines and even a crane....

He took pictures with his mommy......

This was the view I saw most of the ride, he was just so enamored with looking out that window. His face was plastered to it if he was sitting by it...

We were pretty excited...though Dallin isn't showing it, I know he is too!

Here we were clapping and singing the song from Thomas....

Dallin is now a Jr. Engineer...I am so proud!

Dallin and his daddy plastered to the window again....

Cutest face ever!

Half way through the ride, we found out there was a trolley car where they serve drinks and food right behind us, so we got up and headed back there. Joe and Dallin in the through-way...

Dallin and Joe looking out the window in the trolley.

Jumping for joy to be walking around....

After the ride, we headed over to Thomas to get some pictures....Dallin would not look at the camera, only at Thomas...

We had a blast. Though the ride was much, much shorter than I thought it would be, it was still a fun day. I loved seeing Dallin on the train and his little face light up as we boarded, rode and played. It was a great memory.

Later we had a BBQ at my parents and a bike ride to the lake. The lake is about to flood over. Yikes! The trail to the lake that runs adjacent to the river was flooded over in some parts with 5 or 6 inches of water. It was fun to ride through it on our bikes. I felt like we were in the jungle or the amazon, and not in Provo, UT. It was beautiful and so green. I loved it. I wish I could have gotten some pictures, so maybe I will have to go back to get some!

It was a great holiday!