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Friday, July 20, 2012

Family Pictures Summer 2012

The very last day in May our good friend Suzanne Bushman was in town.  She is a very gifted photographer, and I just had to have her take our first professional family pictures.  She did not disappoint.  She is awesome and did such a great job.  I love all the pictures.  Joe's back is still frail and he is not able to hold a baby for very long, so there aren't many of him and his boys, but we got a few goodies:)

My sweet first born....LOVE him.

 We had a hard time getting the twins to look at the camera...period.

 The twins, were about done at this point, but they stayed so good for me!

 My goofballs.  Dallin gets his goofiness from his father and I,  he's in trouble.

 My Matthew.

 My Blake.

 3 of the most handsome boys in the world...and one sneaky mommy...lOL

 My little men.  I loved these little fedora's and just had to get them.

 My eternal sweetheart and I.

 Dallin and his Daddy.

 Matthew and his Daddy.

 Blake hiding...I can still see you.

  The End.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Twins 3rd month and Back surgery

 The twins were amazing babies for two months old and by three months they were champs.  At their 2 month checkup they were doing swell.  Matthew weighed 11 lbs. 9 oz. and was 22 1/4 inches long.  Blake was 11 lbs. 2 oz. and 23 inches long.  Blake is definitely tall and skinny:)  Their check up went great and since then, they have thrived.  These pictures were taken on their 3 month old mark exactly.  I just love their chubby cheeks.

Matthew is my chunker

Blake and his little smirks

As far as twins go, they are pretty good.  It is crazy, but when is having two babies at once, not crazy?  They are both really well mannered babies and sleep well for their mama.  Matthew was such a goober at 2 months.  He was already starting to giggle and smile for us.  Much sooner than Blake did.  Blake didn't start smiling much until around the 3 month mark.  They are both such good babies and I am so happy to have them in my life.

Around 3 1/2 months their faces really started to change, I could see what they were going to look like someday in my head.  Blake could be Dallin's twin also.  They look very similar and have very similar personalities.   Matthew has his own look, though he is very much a Hansen boy and you can tell they are all brothers.

Things are crazy with two babies.  I feel bad at times.  Dallin watches a lot of cartoons and the babies are spending a lot of time on the floor, in a bumbo, in a jumperoo or having tummy time.  I can't hold both of them at the same time for long, so I often feel I am neglecting one when I am holding the other. I try to only hold one for a short time and take turns holding the other.  I know it is probably silly, but I don't want either one to feel favored or left out.

Summer came pretty quickly and we have spent a lot of time outside.  Dallin loves his pool and slip n'slide out back.  We spend a lot of time playing together.  We color and we read.  We play swords and we swim.  It has been a lazy summer filled with giggles and hanging out.

 Dallin in his teeny tiny pool.

 All my boys hanging out.

 The twins and I.  Love their smiles.

 Aren't these smiles the best thing ever!!!?

I'd pretty much perfected the art of cooking, cleaning and taking care of three kids by the time they were 3 months.  Just as I was ready to be completely okay with the craziness of my life something major happened that made things even crazier.  Joe had major back surgery May 18th.  He had his back fused and disc removed.  It was an intense surgery and an even more intense recovery.  The day after the twins were 3 months old, Joe was down and out for the next 6 months of their life.  Things were already crazy and then I lost the help of my best friend and help meet.  Joe can still give me moral support, but now it is entirely up to me to take care of these little ones.  He can't move much and can only walk.  No bending, no lifting and absolutely no helping me with the household chores.  Joe is a trooper though, he endures a lot of pain, but still takes care of the sole responsibly of bringing in our income.  He is amazing and though he can't help me much with all the other stuff going on in our lives, it is a huge stress off my mind knowing that he will always take care of us fiscally.

 X- rays of Joe's "robot parts" as we tell Dallin.

 After surgery and still smiling.

 Day 3 of hospitalization.  We visited Daddy.  He was happy to see his boys.

Walking and home from the hospital.  Long recovery ahead of him, but he was off pain meds at this point and enduring things well.

Needless to say, the 3rd month of the twins life was hard.  The hardest part was not having Joe by my side through all the stuff that went on.  I gained a new respect for single moms.  I don't know how they do it, but I look up to them.  Slowly Joe can help me with little things, but for 6 months, he can't do much.  The most important thing right now though is getting him better.  We have the rest of our lives to help each other.  Right now, it is my time to serve him and my family to the best of my abilities.