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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

NEW YORK part 2

So back to New York...

After a few days of work and me trying to deal with utter exhaustion, Joe let me sleep in each morning until 10am and then meet him at the conference around noon. I would pick up lunch on the way and get a taxi to the Javits Center. The first time I took a cab by myself I was scared and shaky, but quickly realized, that nothing was going to happen to me in broad daylight and I needed to not stand out so Sleeping in made a huge difference to this pregnant lady. I felt like a new person each morning. The first day that I was able to sleep in I had enough energy that night to go out to eat at Grimaldi's and then go to the Empire State Building.

Grimaldi's was awesome, but not as great as I expected....could just be that everything wasn't that great when I would throw it up and feel nauseous while I am eating....sorry, maybe too much info. I'll move on.

We went to the Empire State Building next. We walked and took the subway to get there. It was a long wait, with lots of lines, lots more waiting, but we finally made it to the top and it was well worth the wait. The views were A.MAZ. ING. I loved it. The best part was I got to spend it with Joe and that made it so much better than I could have imagined.
Joe when we first got to the top... all smiles...isn't he handsome???

Kissy kiss

Some pictures of the skyline, so much better in person, but these picture will help me remember what the view was like....sorta.

My sweetie looking out over the city

Me at the front of the building, in the foyer

Joe in the foyer

It was so much fun to spend such a great evening and night with Joe. We had a blast and even had fun going back to our hotel. The weather this night was fantastic and we walked a lot of the way back. It was so nice to just be with my sweetheart and share such a great night with him.


Brooke said...

So pretty Heather! Those night skyline shots are great. You and your camera rock! :)

Suzanne said...

ohhhh, love love love this post. makes me want to go back-- just with matt. what an amazing night!