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Friday, June 11, 2010

3 months older and wiser too....

(wearing grandpa J. glasses)hehehe....

Well, Dallin is 15 months and getting so big. He is changing so much everyday and I just love to see him grow. He had his checkup today and here were his stats:

Weight: 23.9 lbs. only 25th percentile
Height: 33 inches, 94th percentile

He is skinny and tall, not a surprise given both his parents were this way for the majority of their lives. I guess he will be tall:)

He is learning so much and so fast. He loves to give kisses and hugs, he is a great cuddler. He loves his stuffed doggie, he must have it whenever he sleeps. He can say, Dad, mom, ball, bottle, doggie, no, uh-oh, owie, what's that (more like "s'at"), more, and every once in awhile he will repeat what we say to him. He loves to learn, he points at an endless amount of objects during that day, saying "s'at" for, what's that. I will tell him what it is, he will pause for just a second, you can see he is processing what it is, and then he will move on to asking about something else.

Dallin is a great walker, he is close to running, but not yet. He walks everywhere, and hates to be led by the hand. If he had it his way, he would never to held or guided anywhere. He is his own person and loves to explore. He has great balance and can get into the most surprising places.

His hair is growing in more now, and it is curly and dark blond. He has hazel eyes like daddy and a smile like mommy. He loves to play outside. He would be content to live outside and never come in. He loves rocks. He will suck on them, play with them, throw them, hold them. I guess he must love the feel of them and the weight of them.

Dallin still adores his daddy. He loves to wrestle and be tickled. He loves to sing, well, as well as any 15 month old can sing:) He loves baths and to swim. We took him to 7 peaks and he absolutely adores the wave pool. If I am not careful, he will just squirm out of my arms and try to swim all by himself.

He loves to eat chicken, potatoes, sometimes corn, eggs and toast. He hates veggies. We are still working on that.

Dallin is such a happy child. Just today the women in the doctor's office said they couldn't believe how well mannered and happy he was. He loves to smile, flirt and wave at any girl he sees. He loves to blow kisses and to clap his hands enthusiastically.

Dallin loves his mom, I might be biased, but his eyes light up when I first get him in the morning. This makes me feel so loved and blessed to have him.

Dallin is sooooo curious. He gets into literally everything. He loves to feel things, but is usually so gentle, even with our books. He is starting to understand what no means, and sometimes gets frustrated when he is told no. He is learning quickly and loves to test me. I love him so very much and I am so glad that he came to our family. He is such a blessing and joy in our lives. I am thankful everyday that I have the privilege to be his mama.


Emily said...

What a cutie!!!

Matt and Suzanne said...

oh my. his overalls are to die for. seriously! we are so sad that we didn't get to see you guys too.
:( maybe you guys should visit? :) dallas is three hours away....six flags...great weather...oh wishes.:) btw you look SO beautiful in that picture.

Brooke said...

Heather he is so cute! I can't believe he's 94th percentile on height. That is awesome. He looks a lot like Joe. I like his little curls. So fun!