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Monday, May 2, 2016

My kids--Dallin

To get a little caught up, I need to talk about each kiddo.

First, Dallin.

Where do I start?  Dallin is an amazing kid.  I feel so lucky to be his momma.  He is seven now and turning into such a kind soul.  Dallin loves soccer and is getting pretty good too.  He is so obedient and rarely ever complains.  He has an old soul and is very mature for his age. He is quick to understand when things are hard for us, and he is super understanding and compassionate when he sees someone is sad.  Dallin has a knack for making everyone laugh.  He is a goofball, just like his mom;)  He has endless energy and still won't go to bed until 9:30pm.  He is tall and handsome with curly blonde hair that makes my momma heart leap with pride.  He is caring and such a good older brother.  Dallin loves to play with friends and asks to play with them every. single. day.  Sometimes I wish he would just be content staying at home and hanging out with me, but he's getting older dang it.  I wish it would stop.

Dallin is a believer.  His testimony of his Savior Jesus Christ is already such an example to me.  He knows He lives and he knows Christ is the only way back to God.  Dallin has a soft spot for anyone who might need his help, and is quick to ask "what would Jesus do?"  Dallin is a thinker.  He asks me endless quesitons everyday, why this? Why that? How does this do that?  He is inquisitive, but not to a fault.   He is very observant and is super helpful.  Recently, Dallin has started doing harder chores.  He takes out garbage, including taking the large cans to the street on garbage day.  It's pretty impressive.  He cleans and vacuums his room and the basement.  He clears the dishwasher all by himself and has started learning how to load it.  On Saturday (chore day) is also our go to handy helper and does a lot of the running things around the house for us and putting it into it's proper spot.  He is quick to help and super easy going.  That isn't to say he never complains.  He is a typical kid, who doesn't want to work too hard, but it doesn't take much to convince him that it is fair and we all do our part.

Dallin is very smart. He was top of his class at Challenger, a private school, but has recently switched to a Charter school closer to home.  He is still at the top of his class and might end up skipping a grade, the verdict is still out on if that would be the best thing for him.  He can do math like nobody's business and can diagram a sentence like a pro.  I love to hear him read, he does it so well.  Dallin is overall the best kid a mom could ask for  and I am forever grateful God gave him to me to look after.  I learn more from him each day that I get to be his mom.

And now a gallery of Dallin to make up for the lack of pics over the last three years. Watch him grow.

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