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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

22 weeks

(22.5 weeks pregnant with twins)

22 weeks pregnant! Things are going great, I am just getting really uncomfortable really quick. It literally has happened so fast. I can't sleep very well, can't pick things up, and I can't play on the ground with Dallin anymore. Sad day for him. He is in dire need of a playmate. I take heart in knowing that the next time I am pregnant Dallin will have two playmates and they will have him.

My weight went up by 5 pounds this week. I have no idea how that happened! Maybe the sweets for Halloween, but I limited myself so much! I think my genetics are going to win out with this pregnancy, even with my working out and eating right. I still do cardio for an hour everyday and I burn close to 700 calories. I don't think I will stay under the 30 lb. goal. Oh well, tis pregnancy for me. But I think I am doing great! Regardless of what the scale says:)


Brooke said...

Heather, you are TOTALLY doing great. AN HOUR of cardio every day? That is simply amazing. You are a rock start. Just don't even pay attention to the scale. Plus, you look A-mazing.

Grandma Hansen said...

You look lean and trim except for that tiny watermelon you ate....I am amazed at your tenacity. Exercise really helps control blood sugar levels, and will help you have the energy to get through the next few months. I think you are such a good mommy to Dallin and who cares if you can't pick stuff up?

The Carlsens said...

You are doing fabulous! Lets see some pictures from Halloween.

Joe said...

You are one hot pregnant momma! You have twins in there and you still look absolutely amazing!